08. September 2018
Meet the winners of the 2018 awards.
15. July 2018
The Fucking Awesome Award at the London Screenwriters' Festival was launched in 2016 to recognise a talent, an achievement or personal contribution to our creative community that might fall outside a traditional 'lifetime achievement award'. The award is reserved for someone who did something, well fucking awesome! The first recipient was screenwriter and director Simon Fitzmaurice. Simon was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease just as he was garnering some success at Sundance with his short
12. July 2018
Now in its sixth year, the awards continue to celebrate the very best in screenwriting in UK TV and film, as well as platforming new talent and honouring extraordinary people and contributions to our craft.They tale place on September 8th in Tuke Hall, Regents University at 7:30pm.
02. September 2017
The Fourth British Screenwriters’ Awards was a spectacular and celebratory evening hosted by Deborah Francis-White of Guilty Feminist notoriety. The awards were individually presented by special guests and the ceremony was hosted by the fabulous Fleur Keith. The voice overs for the awards videos were performed by Kat Rose Martin adding an delicious regional accent to the proceedings.